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Newsletter: Sept 2007
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Welcome again to our monthly newsletter...

Well it's September already and the year is whizzing by, it'll soon be Christmas! So before we all get ready for shorter days and colder nights, lets have a little look at what we have been up to this month.


We thought, this time round, it might be nice to show some 'added value' items along with the usual stuff - I use the word usual in the loosest sense!


By 'added value' we mean all the extra bits your business needs over and above the expected logo, business card, flyer type stuff, the kind of bits and pieces that most design agencies don't like to deal with. We can handle all of the little awkward bits like continuous stationery and CD authoring, as well as some of the bigger bits that you just haven't got time to deal with. All with our usual high quality and attention to detail.

This month's articles

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