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Newsletter: July 2007
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It's July and summer is here ...

The sun is shining, the days are long and balmy, birds are singing and barbeques fill the air with the promise of alfresco dining. HANG ON, something ain’t right. Oh well, that'll teach us for planning ahead and writing this intro in April!
Despite being the wettest June in years, with downpours that have brought the country to a standstill, we have again been very busy.

We have quite a mixed bag of projects to tell you about in this edition, including the exclusive unveiling of a new corporate look for a major local company and a quick look at some sporting achievements.

However, while we have your attention we have an important announcement to make and one we are extremely proud of. Lizi, the brains behind our company has successfully attended a seminar, passed the exam and gained statusdesign the coveted Business & Environment Management Scheme (BeMS) accreditation. This helps us reduce our environmental impact (something that is very important to us) and as such allows us to reduce our costs and improve our efficiency.
Three cheers for Lizi.

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