Hot off the press comes a new logo for a new business, Lawrence Brackstone - Food Creative. Lawrence specialises in creating the recipes for the kind of 'ready meals' you may find in the higher end supermarkets such as Waitrose and Marks & Spencer. He also offers a consultancy service to help lift ailing restaurants back to their feet after poor trade. Lawrence's business is food and drink so it seemed clear that we should design something to sit well in the market in which he is working. We chose red chili's as the image as their reputation is to spice things up and thats exactly the nature of Lawrence's business, not to mention their high visual impact when shown against a dark background. The typeface of the main text (also Lawrence's name) is relaxed and presented at an angle to diffuse the initial impact of the image. The rest of the copy is written capital letters presented in a light, plain, straightforward typeface, this serves to 'ground ' image and text, restoring order and presenting the company as personal yet professional.

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